How to use

For beginners, just play the game many times. Whatever win or loss is not that important, your goal is to feel the market. This game will force you to guess which direction the market will go. This is good thing, just feel free to guess the market and see the result. Sometime you win big in one trade, or loss big or even blow your account in just one trade. It just happens, which is normal for beginners. You will learn the importance of money management and stop loss by real experience, not just theory.

After many trials, you may find some strategy that have higher chance to win. Test it in the game, make sure it's winning chance is higher than losing. And then combine strategy, money management and stop loss. You start to build your winning strategy.

Whatever you blow your account or doubled your account, always stop and review the statistic. Recall what you have done is good or not, should you keep using this way to trade... We can't teach you how to trade, it won't work, never work. But you will learn it yourself if you insist by playing this game.

For experienced trader, you can test your strategy and see how far you can go. It will help you to fine-tune your strategy. Apply your strategy consistently, never switch your strategy. Sometime you may experienced a losing streak. You may doubt of your own strategy. At that time you can play few rounds of the game, and you will know it's just normal case or it's the problem of strategy.

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