9 Levels of the game

There are 9 levels of the game. Each level is a big challenge.

Level  1 (Beginner), Capital requirement  10,000 ,   Transaction Cost 0%

Level  2 (Novice Trader), Capital requirement  20,000  , Transaction Cost  0%
Simply double your account to reach level 2.

Level 3 (Advanced Trader) , Capital requirement 60,000 , Transaction Cost 0%
Double your account again and again, this is to make sure you are not double it by luck.

Level 4 (Experienced Trader)  , Capital requirement 200,000 , Transaction Cost  0.05% will apply to each trade. That mean if you put $10,000 on a trade, $5 of transection cost. Some strategy only barely win will not work again in this level.

Level 5 (Master Trader) , Capital requirement 400,000 , Transaction Cost  0.1%
0.1% transection cost, which is close to some of the market in real world. If you strategy will survive in this mode, you are making good progress. And most likely, you are able to win the market.

Level 6 (Monster Trader) , Capital requirement 1,000,000, Transaction Cost  0.2%
Start from 10,000, and now your account is 1M, this is 100 times of profit. That is not easy, you need event more stress training to achieve higher level. That is 0.2% transectoin cost.

Level 7 (Super Trader) , Capital requirement 2,000,000 , Transaction Cost  0.5%
If you can double your account when 0.2% transection cost, how about 0.5%?

Level 8 (Insane Trader) , Capital requirement 5,000,000 , Transaction Cost 1%
1% transection cost is the maximum of this game. In real world, if you find your transection cost is more than 1%, your chance of winning is greatly reduced. First thing you can do to increase your profit is switching to a cheaper broker.

Level 9 (Holy Grail) , Capital requirement 10,000,000 , Transaction Cost 1%
In real world, holy grail is not existing. But if you can grow your account 1,000 times, your strategy and your skill is proven to be extraordinary. We believe you are ready to hit the market!

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