Friday, July 6, 2018

Trader Game

Trader game is a minimal mobile app for beginner or professional trader to lean, practice and test your trading strategies.

For beginners, you can feel the market. Develop your strategy and participate into the market without risking your own money.

For professional traders, you can fine-tune your strategy and reinforce your trading spirit through the game.

All the things are keeping simple in this game, we even simplified the order placing system, the technical indicators, in order to let users directly feel the market and don't bother by other things. We believe this is the ultimate way to help traders to upgrade. As it really helped us and many other traders.

Download your mobile version for free by scanning the QR code
If you are using android phone to view this page, you can download directly from the link below:

If you are using apple iPhone/iPad to view this page, you can download directly from the link below:

There are purchases inside the app, which let you challenge higher level of trader skills, free version is limited to level 2. There are 9 levels, I would say, if you reach level 9, you must be a great trader.

Besides level 2 limit, all the other features are free to use in this game. You can access any instrument as you like. We tried to make it as free as possible for all the traders. If you reached level 2 and found that you can't make new orders, don't worry. You can either go to the menu page in the left upper corner, reset your scores and then you can play over and over again for free. Or if you want to challenge for higher level, go to the store to buy the full version, the cost is as low as one time transaction cost of your trades. With the help of this game, if you are doing great in real trading,  you want to contribute to this game for further development and to benefit more people, you can donate or buy the badges in the game. Your support is so important to us!

Wish you happy trading!


  1. Do you really want a PC version? We only got phone app versions at that moment, maybe we could add pc version later...


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